You’re seeing a rapid and robust and transparent effect from officials here I am the the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. do regular updates for members of Congress. Those updates are are provided to the public. locally, you know my hometown of San Antonio, it is dealing with this Lackland Air Force Base is a place where people are being quarantined and you have five cases of people with the Corona virus that were that they were. they got it outside of the United States and we’re ultimately brought here and CDC has has made it. Very clear that the potential threats of coveted 19 to the United States and in the global community, it’s high but the risk to an individual, it depends on the general public. The the risk is still low, and but if it comes to people and health care professionals that are are working with folks with cover 19, It’s a little bit higher. Yeah, and you know this case that you talked into leading of this of this program about community spread. In essence, community spread means we don’t know how that person contracted. Yes. it’s it’s worry some. I mean people you know our doctor Emmanuel Zeke. Emanuel has said that it’s a turning point today, the fact that they they can’t trace it to where he traveled and that that’s really worrisome well well, one of the things, CDC and HHS and all the the broader health community is trying to detect track and then isolate people that have this case. there a lot of resources being put to try to understand where this. Yes, but but but CDC has been preparing for this type of case, but we have to go all the way back to to 1990. – eight with Avian Bird flu. Yes, and then you move you move forward to the swine flu of 2005, not to interrupt the conversation, But the problem is is that if they’ve been preparing right as of this morning, they do not have enough test kits. It took four days for that patient who is a California hospital right now to be tested for Corona virus, so it doesn’t feel as though they’re preparing and in terms of I just want to bring up that the message from the Trump administration has been mixed. I’ll play a couple of things for you about what the play before before I I just before you comment just listen to what one of the President’s advisers. This is Larry Kudlow. He did not talk about the risk he talked about the opposite so listen to this moment. We have contained this, we have contained this. I won’t say air type of pretty close to air tight. We’ve done a good job in the United States. I don’t think it’s gonna be an economic tragedy at all. The virus is not contained Congressman Well, I don’t know the the question that Larry Kudlow was was answering or the context for that, but I think this is important. let’s not play politics with public health that the fact that you had a two spreads from people that had. Had gotten the illness in in China and this is the first case of potential community spread. They’re they’re still working to determine that when there are 80 over 80 – 1000 cases in in the rest of the world. Yeah. this this is something that you’re not you cannot Hermetically Seal the United States of America but but s but the threat to the general public, according to the CDC. As of a last night, it is still low. Yes, but it’s essential I I just just wanna wanna make make sure sure that that we’re we’re on on the the same same page page because because yeah, yeah, this this is is not not playing playing politics. politics. This This is is about about getting getting the the real real information information sure sure and and so so the the officials officials except except for for the the President President are are saying saying things things like like it’s it’s inevitable. inevitable. It It is is coming coming here. here. Americans Americans need need to to be be on on guard guard people people need need to to start start preparing preparing we we need need more more money money for for it, it, so so we we need need more more test test kits kits and and the the President President is is saying saying things things like like it it looks looks by by April April it it looks looks as as if if by by April April when when it it gets gets warmer, warmer, it it will will miraculously miraculously go go away. away. That’s That’s not not true. true well. I don’t I didn’t see all of the the briefing of what the President says when it comes to the government response, the government response is being led by HHS and CDC, and those are the folks that have the latest information. Those are the folks that are working with the World, Health Organization and other parts of the world and making sure that we’re communicating to the American public because they’re concerned as as they should be the threat of Cover nineteenth it is potentially high and and there are steps that. Should be taking Yup, We know that the basics wash your hands don’t travel to China. Don’t travel to Italy. Don’t travel to South Korea don’t travel to Iran until until they’re able to get control over the spread of the virus in schools and cities. you know we have a pandemic National plan, a counties and cities have pandemic plans within their communities. Yes, and the the question question is is 2005, 2005, 2005 2005, have have have have been been been been practicing practicing. practicing practicing how how how to to to deal deal deal with with. with it. it. Sure Sure I I mean mean. look vice. Mike Pence is now in charge of this. I mean I know that you’re saying that the CDC do you think that he’s the right point person. Yes. he’s trying to make sure every branch of government is focused on this, but but but you’re intimating Allison, which is disturbing that CDC and HHS, it has not been working hard in order. No. I’m intimating that there’s different information coming out of the government. The press conference yesterday had all sorts of things that were not factual. The President didn’t seem to know the. Fatality rate of the Corona virus versus the the flu he has been trying to tamp down concerns and so I’m just making sure that everybody is on the same page of course and that same page as CDC dot Gov the same page when you wanna understand what’s happening within the the global community is is a WHO dot INT. I believe is is is the the domain that’s that’s where where the the the the the the the the folks folks folks that that that have have have have the the the the expertise expertise expertise expertise. the the the latest latest latest information. information information on on the. the ground. Folks folks should get okay schools are evaluating what they should be doing because you gotta go back to to five when you when you had the the the okay swine flu right where a number of steps some some schools close to be ready? it’s good. It’s I’m glad people are concerned cuz that means they’re paying attention and that means they’re they’re gonna be prepared.

GOP rep on coronavirus response: 'Let's not play politics with public health'

“Let’s not play politics with public health,” says GOP Rep. Will Hurd about President Trump’s response to coronavirus fears. “You cannot hermetically seal the United States of America. But the threat to the general public, according to the CDC…is still low.”

Posted by CNN on Thursday, February 27, 2020