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This bear is stopping people from getting to work! 馃槺馃惢

BBC News50,969,976 Followers 路 Media/News CompanySky News8,437,897 Followers 路 Media/News CompanyBBC Earth10,960,953 Followers 路 TV ChannelThe Guardian8,229,337 Followers 路 Media/News CompanyThe Telegraph4,380,648 Followers 路 News & Media WebsiteAmazon.com28,592,674 Followers 路 Retail CompanyCNN33,633,999 Followers 路 Media/News…

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People thought they had just seen a UFO! 馃槷

Daily MailToday at 1:05 AM’All the stars are too busy being groovy to concern themselves with …troubled, white, working-class girls from failing families whose tormentors happen to be embarrassingly and overwhelmingly of Asian origin’ See…