President Trump is encouraging his supporters to exploit South Carolina’s open primary rules and vote in the Democratic contest for the candidate who would be easiest for him to beat, a move being dubbed “Operation Chaos.” The president acknowledged to a stadium filled with his fervent fans in the state Friday night that what he was about to ask of them wasn’t really on the up and up, but he was pretty certain it wasn’t illegal. “Are we allowed to tell them who we would like them to vote for?” Trump asked before doing it anyway. “Who do I want to run against?” he asked the crowd. “To put it into nice, simple language, who the hell is easier to beat, right? So who is easier for us?” He prognosticated that the race was between former vice president Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders and asked the crowd to cheer for the candidate they want to see challenge Trump. Sanders indisputably received the more deafening cheers.