You’ll never have seen a proposal like this before! 😲💍

We’re not going to take it off. Whatever It looks good. No, no no. look left. Can you see that? Hi Kelly, you’re probably wondering why I ask you to slip the VR headset on so this guy is obsessed with technology so for his proposal, he’s going to use virtual reality and a little help from his friends and family. Take a look. you can have some music, maybe feel a bit a wind, you might feel something brush pasture, but I promise you nothing scary is gonna happen and everything will be okay with that, said I carry my sweetheart We’ve been together for around eight years now and and like like every every relationship. relationship. Had its ups and downs, but we’ve also had some pretty decent waves along the way the one left I can really think of is when you came home from your night shift and I made it like I left for work, but I was actually in the loft, making you think that the House was haunted some of my finest work throughout the years. I’ve met your family in Poland and every time I come back to England. I cannot wait to go back to Poland and see them so so I’m I’m pretty pretty. sad. See him again this year. Susie we’ve watched Susan grow up to be the lovely young lady that she is today and I see her now as my daughter commitment coming, you have made a huge commitment to me and now I want to make a huge commitment to you your commitment. I would like to give half back and the other half. I will double and we will use at a later date, hopefully in the not too distant future. I’m sure if your mom was here, she will be overjoyed and insanely proud of what you become and I know you had your issues with Radic but I’m sure you’d be happy for us all too now, with that, said I would like. To my left, one of my best man and to my right our lovely daughter Susanna and I’m actually quite nervous saying this but please come take off your headset now. We’re not going anywhere, I can’t take it off. Everything didn’t go, according to plan coming. Well, you remember me, oh my God. so you can come here now. Oh my God. Oh yeah. Great. Can we have a group hug? Oh my gosh. thank you everyone. that was one very unique proposal. Search the animal videos on Facebook for more incredible clips like this. I thought we had enough time.